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About Us

About - Shivali Associattes
We have acquired a strong presence in the field of Consultation Services for medium and large Industrial, Commercial, Institutional and Residential projects. Our Organisation started its success journey as a proprietorship firm, and while gaining experience and establishing relationships on the industry, we acquired a fully-equipped and professional form.
We took our initial step in the real estate segment in the year 2004. As far as realty segments and investments are concerned, it is always important to hit the bull's eye. Therefore, when our prospective clients approach us, we give effective consultations for the right investments in realty segments.
We understand that property decisions are immense ones to undertake, and therefore, we provide you with a personalized approach for commercial and residential needs. Our professionals and market researchers are well-qualified to offer a holistic approach to any assignment that they take up.​

Our Philosphy

  • to put our heart and soul into each task with confidence
  • to be pro-active, alert and quick to provide assistance
  • to dream and desire big, and to lead by working hard and believing in possibilities
  • to listen to the needs of the society, and become ambassadors of happiness and envoys of peace
  • to implant goodness around by cherishing our communities and societies
  • to maintain perfect unity as we acknowledge, “unity is strength, unity is victory”
  • to believe that in the hands of someone with strong values and noble purpose, wealth and influence can be powerful forces for good

Our Belief

When entrusting someone with your hard-earned money, one looks for far more than four simple walls, in the name of real estate. What one truly needs, is a safe space that offers comfort, security, assurance, and a place to create cherished memories. We, at Shivali Associattes, believe in the strength of the energy that such a haven provides, and see it as our foremost duty towards our clients to fulfill all their realty requirements. We stress upon ensuring an appreciation of your property and make a lifelong commitment when we join hands with you.

We began our journey in 2004, and since then, we have remained unwavering in our vision of making professional and personalized real estate consulting services easily accessible to individuals and organizations. We focus on a personalized approach towards fulfilling commercial and residential needs, and therefore, provide our services in two broad capacities. For Investors, we provide Real Estate Portfolio Management Services and for End Users, we provide seamless services that ensure a hassle‐free journey towards the acquisition of their dream home.

Real estate portfolio management services

Real Estate Portfolio Management is still a relatively new concept within the context of the Indian real estate industry, which remains a long way away from being fully organized. High Net‐Worth Individuals and Organizations, looking to grow their wealth through active sale/purchase of real estate may avail of these services from us.

We carefully structure, actively monitor and professionally manage our client’s real estate investments, with a keen eye on available opportunities along the risk spectrum and for all investment capacities. We collate information concerning all the individual items of a client’s real estate portfolio into a repository of accurate, easily accessible information. This information is then streamlined and analyzed as a consolidated portfolio view against the client’s long term objectives. Recommendations for sale/purchase, staying vested or liquidating of assets, etc. are accordingly made to the client.

Professional & Dedicated Team

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Since 2004

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Our Services

Property Investments

The key focus is to give expertise whenever required for commercial and residential properties


Parking funds in real estate segment for roping funds in investment or acquiring property for personal usage is tough decision. We offer constructive inputs when you approach us

After Sales Assistance

The core fact of realty segment is that there are varied documentations required. When it comes to offering high end realty solutions we always step up to offer the best

Research & Analysis

Where property investments are in question, it is imperative to employ a variety of perceptions from every possible angle. One needs to have a knack of market ongoings for residential or commercial projects

Loan Assistance

It can be a tiresome task to note every requirement, follow-up, and complete necessary paperwork. Here is where we step in

Interiors & Vastu

Interiors and vastu breathe life into any space. Our prime aim is to make living harmonious and meaningful
About - Shivali Associattes
"They always say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”
Andy Warhol